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Secret Garden Club

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The Urban Hedgerow co-hosts the Secret Garden Club with award-winning blogger Kerstin Rodgers, aka MsMarmiteLover.

A supper club themed around gardening and the produce grown in Kerstin’s garden, The Secret Garden Club will show you how to grow your own salads, Mediterranean veg, even curry spices, without the need for rolling acres or a dedicated kitchen garden. You don’t need to have an allotment or even a large vegetable patch to grow food for you and your family. You can grow potatoes in binbags; tomatoes on the balcony; herbs on the windowsill.

After the practical demo, enjoy a delicious meal with fresh home-grown ingredients, with menus created and cooked by MsMarmiteLover.

Book your afternoon at the Secret Garden Club at http://secret-garden-club.blogspot.co.uk/.

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